What we have done so far

Immune-inflammatory diseases under your skin

Therapies start with an idea. We would love to hear yours.

Our Aim

We are looking for partners to help us identify, validate or test new targets for the treatment of chronic immune-inflammatory diseases of the skin. Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or pemphigus vulgaris are examples of chronic immune-inflammatory skin diseases associated with significant comorbidities that have a profound impact in the quality of life of patients. They are our focus.

Regardless of your field of expertise, if you are a scientist with an idea (target, pathway, therapy) that you think might be of use in a dermatological disease, share it with us and we will explore it, together.

Our interest

Novel targets and therapies for immune-inflammatory diseases

What we offer

Funding and scientific support

Your benefit

Collaboration on dermatological Research

Shared goal

Finding new targets/therapies for immune-inflammatory skin diseases

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